Visitor Services/Information Desk & Welcome Ambassador


The Visitor Services is all about assisting and guiding our patients, families and special guests during their visit at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital. Volunteers assist with greeting, giving directions and information to visitors and on the telephones. Volunteers also assist in providing all hospital guests and visitors a temporary security ID. All volunteers placed in our Visitor Services and Information Desk work alongside our staff. 


Welcome Ambassador volunteers are stationed at the Information Desk and are an extension of the services provided by this department, they also received additional training provided by the Staff & Community Education department in order to better understand customer service as it relates to Nicklaus Children's Hospital families, and how to better assist families and help alleviate anxieties associated with a hospital setting.  By greeting families as they come in, these Welcome Ambassador Volunteers communicate a calm and friendly atmosphere, one that is customer friendly. They do this by providing one of the simplest, yet essential, service: one-on-one assistance. This may consist of escorting a family to a physician’s office or hospital department, pushing a stroller or carrying a bag for a parent who might be struggling, or simply smiling and offering assistance. The Welcome Ambassador program volunteers serve as representatives of Nicklaus Children's mission to provide excellent customer service and family-centered health care that meets or exceeds those we serve.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, call (305)662-8225 or email

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