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Teen Applicants: Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. We are currently at capacity for our Teen academic year program. You are encouraged to apply for our summer 2016 teen volunteer program. Applications will be available and accepted from March 21 – March 25, 2016.
Adult & College Student Applicants are encouraged to apply year-round for the one-year commitment volunteer program. Thank you.’

We are excited and want to thank you for your interest in wanting to volunteer at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital. Volunteers contribute in many ways providing comfort, care and unexpected joy to the children and families in the hospital, as well as supporting the professional staff. We are excited and want to thank you for your interest in wanting to volunteer at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital. The Volunteer Resources Department orients, interviews, trains and places all qualified who want to volunteer. We enthusiastically welcome individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. Applicants must be at least 14 years of age and, in most cases, at least 16 years of age to work directly with the young patients. Applicants must have good general health, be able to communicate well in English (knowledge of a second language is a plus!), and be willing to purchase a volunteer uniform. Below are the basic requirements to consider before submitting your applications.


ATTENTION RN’s: A New Volunteer Opportunity
As part of our new implemented RN volunteer program, our mission is to attract a pool of energetic and competent new graduate nursing individuals, who are passionate in serving children, while becoming qualified nursing professionals through their participation in this program. The uniqueness of this program is once participants are enrolled in our RN program, the hospital will offer priority consideration for employment opportunities. Thank you for choosing Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital.

  1. Must provide a Social Security number to be processed as a volunteer (ADULT/COLLEGE ONLY)
  2. Must make an agreement to commit in their assigned areas under one of the following commitment categories:
    1. Six Months - 80 Minimum hour commitment - ADULTS
      1. Volunteer Weekly in a three hour shift
      2. 2 Absences allowed in a three month period of time
    2.  One Year - 132 Minimum hour commitment - COLLEGE STUDENTS
      1. Volunteer weekly in a three hour shift
      2. 2 Absences allowed in a three month period of time
    3. Summer Commitment - TEENS
      1. Non-Patient and Limited Patient Areas
      2. Volunteer up to 2 times a week in a three hour shift
      3. 1 week off allowed during the full summer commitment period (DOCUMENTATION OF HOURS GIVEN ONLY IF COMMITMENT IS MET).
      4. Begins the week after school ends, thru the last week before school begins
      5. Application must be received by March 15 - 31, to be eligible for the Summer Program (We accept applications and documentations March 15-31 for the Summer Commitment, based on number of applications received and placement availability. If we reach capacity during this period, the applications received will be considered for the next placement period).
    4. Full Academic Year Commitment - TEENS
      1. Non-Patient and Limited Patient Areas
      2. Volunteer weekly in a three hour shift
      3. 2 Absences allowed in a 3 month period of time
      4. Begins in September through the end of the school year in May/June
      5. Application must be received by August 1 - 15, to be eligible for the Academic Year Commitment
    5. RN Program Commitment - NURSING
      1. RN License
      2. CPR Certified
      3. Volunteer weekly on an EIGHT hour volunteer shift
        (6:30am-2:30pm or 2:30am-10:30pm)
      4. Provide a consistent 4 month MINIMUM COMMITMENT
        with the assigned weekly shift
      5. Willing to purchase a volunteer uniform (explained at orientation)           
  3. Complete & Submit Volunteer Application found at the bottom of this page or in the forms section, with contains specific instructions on the application process. TEEN Applicants must submit applications by deadlines noted above.

    Once your application is complete, scan & email to After your application has been received, you will be emailed a Volunteer Orientation Notice invitation. If you do not receive an email that your application was received, follow up with a phone call.

    Please note that applications must be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF format. No other file formats will be accepted.


    The Volunteer Department runs a year long program for volunteers. Orientations for perspective new volunteers are held on a need basis. Therefore, we open the program periodically to accept new volunteers. Teen Orientations and volunteer service placements are determined by program capacity. Once volunteers begin, we understand commitments change at certain times of the year. At these times, we will accommodate schedules based on availability.

    We accept applications and documentations

    • August 1-15 for the Academic Year Commitment
    • March 15-31 for the Summer Commitment.

    Teen Volunteers must submit their applications along with the following:
    1. Documentation of Measles, Rubella (MMR) & Chicken Pox
    2. Most recent report cards (All academic grades must be C or better and Conduct Grades must be B or better to be eligible for the program)
    3. Copy of birth certificates or proof of age (14 years of age minimum requirement)

    NOTE: Due to the high level of applications we receive year round, the above dates do not guarantee an invite to attend orientation. Qualified applicants are invited on a first come basis; therefore we recommend you submit your completed application early. If we reach capacity applicants may submit for the next application period.
  4. Complete Orientations & Training provided by the Volunteer Resources Department. You will be sent an Orientation notice invitation after your application has been received. The Volunteer Orientation takes approximately two hours. Additional training is required for anyone wishing to volunteer in Patient Areas and the Child Care Center. The Patient Care Workshops takes approximately 3 hours. All other departments train on the job.
  5. A face to face interview will be scheduled after completing a Volunteer Orientation. The purpose of the interview is to help us and you become acquainted and decide if you will join our volunteer program and determine your volunteer placement and schedule. Volunteer assignments and placements are not guaranteed and are based on availability.
  6. A uniform volunteer shirt is purchased by the volunteer once accepted into the program, to be worn at all times with a Volunteer ID while volunteering.
  7. Verification of Hours are verified and signed off AFTER the minimum commitment stated above has been met.
  8. Include ALL childhood immunizations if available. College students can find records at their college/university health office.
Further details will be provided at the volunteer Orientation.

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