Apply for a Temporary Post

Matching & Selection Process:

  • You may only apply to one post at a time. Applying to subsequent posts will remove you from other applications.
  • You must notify your supervisor of your submissions, and selection to any temporary posts.
  • You should not apply for temporary posts if your supervisor indicates you are needed on your current job.
  • Job posting applications are processed in the order they are received, and consideration will be given to applicants with limited PTO.  
  • The hiring leader will receive the job posting applications, and qualified applicants will either be contacted for scheduling by the hiring manager, or notified of their placement on a waiting list.
    • The hiring leader will contact selected applicants to confirm their interest in the assignment, review the job and physical requirements and discuss the work schedule.
    • The hiring leader or the designed leader from the department will inform the employee of their selection and confirm the start date. 

Work Schedule Commitment & Accountability:

  • Job assignments will be up to a one-week period with a work schedule determined by the hiring leader.
  • Any question you have about the duties of the temporary post can be addressed with the supervisor of the temporary post prior to acceptance of the schedule.
  • Employees must report to their assignment as scheduled, and arrive on time. 
  • In the event the employee’s department leader has a critical staffing need in their department, and they are unable to work the job assignment, the employee must notify the hiring leader a minimum of 24 hours prior to their scheduled shift. 

Employee Compensation and Kronos Coding:

  • The employee’s hourly pay rate, shift differential and/or ALT rate will remain the same.
  • The employee’s leader is responsible to charge the temporary job hours to the COVID 19 cost center.

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