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Orthopedics - Barbara

Success Story Icon“When I was there it was called Variety Children's Hospital. I had congenital hip problems and had many operations before moving to Miami in 1953. I don't remember the name of the doctor but I believe I spent several months as a patient there. In 1957 when I was fourteen (if memory serves me right!) I had an operation in which my right hip was broken and a steel plate was fastened to hold it in place. I was in a huge cast for one year. I had good care while there and one of my nurses was Vivian Marlowe. A story was written about me and a picture was taken of her by my bed and published in the Miami Herald in Jim Dooley's Fishing Club column. I had a good roommate named Dora Palumbo who had severe scoliosis and was in a big cast too after her surgery. We were good friends for several years. In 1959 or 1960 I returned to the hospital and had surgery to remove the steel plate. My family left Miami in 1961. There were pictures but I can't find them now. “

Barbara - Tallahassee, Florida

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