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► Plastic Bronchitis

Plastic Bronchitis

Also known as: fibrinous bronchitis, pseudomembranous bronchitis

What is Plastic Bronchitis?

Plastic bronchitis is a breathing disorder that can occur in children. Fluid from the lymphatic system accumulates in the airways and hardens, forming plugs known as “casts” that block these critical breathing channels. 

What causes plastic bronchitis? 

Plastic bronchitis can result from a variety of different medical conditions. It occurs more often after some infections, lung diseases, congenital heart disease or allergies.

What are the symptoms of plastic bronchitis? 

The symptoms of plastic bronchitis primarily affect the lungs and can involve coughing fits, as well as breathing problems that resemble asthma attacks. Severe cases can cause suffocation.

What are plastic bronchitis care options? 

Plastic bronchitis can be treated with medication to dissolve the casts or treat the symptoms of the disease. Specialized surgical procedures to seal abnormal ducts and stop the formation of the casts are also available.

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