Bear Share Project

Bear Share Project

COVID-19 continues to impact our community in unprecedented ways, and we thank you for dedication and tireless work around the clock to continue safeguarding our patients and families at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital while delivering quality care.
As we work to minimize the impacts of COVID-19 on our hospital, we invite you to share your creativity and come together as a team! These are uncertain times but let’s be encouraged to team up and show our support.

Every Idea Counts

The hospital is working to spare our most critical hospital supplies as the world continues to face a resource shortage as a result of COVID-19. Help us be creative with ideas and solutions. Perhaps we use alternative materials to produce supplies like protective masks. But let’s not stop there. What ideas do you have to shore up our resources? What can you suggest that will create community within and beyond our NCHS family?


Email your idea to:

Here’s how it works:

Please include a description and/or photo of your idea. The ideas can be on anything! Don’t just think about physical items like masks. We’re keen on hearing all your ideas on how to best help our hospital and others around the country as we work together to tackle these challenges. Keep it creative and solution-based and send it on!

Suggested Categories:

  • Mask and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Clinical Innovation
  • Staff Support
  • Community Support
  • Giving thanks to health care workers
  • Patient Experience
  • Heartwarming stories about how we’ve inspired hope and healing at Nicklaus Children’s amid COVID-19

Thanks for all you do to impact our patients and our community.

Chad Perlyn, MD
Medical Director, Operating Rooms
Saima Aftab, MD
Medical Director, Fetal Care Center and Victor Center
Rick Winans
Supply Chain Leader